Alison Whelan


Alison fell in love with yoga for its ability to meet you where you're at. No matter your age, physical or mental state yoga is for you! There are so many communities unable to access yoga that could truly benefit from it. Alison started Breathe & Believe with the hopes of changing that.

"Everyone should be able to experience the life-changing effects that a yoga practice can have. Breathe & Believe is our way of achieving this goal one community and city at a time :)"

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Spencer Waresk


As a lifelong athlete and avid golfer, Spencer began practicing yoga for the physical benefits. After time, he discovered that yoga is also a great way to de-stress during the work week and clear your mind. He is responsible for all day to day legal and financial coordination between the organization, shelters and donors.

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Jennifer Chan


Yoga and Jenn had an on and off relationship before things got serious. They even took a year-long break, but eventually Jenn found her way back to her mat. Jenn completed her 200 Hour Yoga teacher training at YogaWorks Back Bay and it forever changed her life on and off the mat. Yoga has given her so much and each day she learns and grows a little bit more. Jenn's hope is that she can use yoga to do some good in this world. Jenn works daily with our partners to ensure that our services are meeting their needs.

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Natalie Simmons_Yoga Headshot.jpg

NAtalie simmons


Natalie was drawn to yoga from a young age for its ability to challenge and calm her in one practice. Over the years, her love affair with the practice has only grown deeper as she uncovers new lessons each time she steps on her mat. Being the idealist she is, Natalie daydreams about what our world would look if everyone were able to enjoy the benefits of yoga. Natalie works on Breathe & Believe’s growth and corporate partnership strategy.

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